PoorRichKidzz  was founded in January of 2020, by Demetria A. McNeil. With a vision to be an anomaly among talent focused nonprofit organizations, McNeil knew that it was critical to promote the individual artist, while building an empire of dynamic, driven, and culturally-focused creatives at the same time. PoorRichKidzz is centered in the experiences and stories of our team members and program participants. Most of whom came from poverty, or lived in marginalized communities. Though statistics gave us impoverished labels, our mindsets, culture and history is RICH. Our vision is to empower others, advance communities and rewrite the narrative around impoverished youth, through self-expression. By exposing our participants to wealth opportunities, travel, and innovative ways of expression, we are changing one community at a time.


As a talent organization, we will create and maintain ongoing opportunities for exposure and access to resources. By upholding our 5 pillars, we are dismantling the systems and barriers that once kept our community in constant states of disadvantage and stagnant lifestyles. 


Our 5 pillars are:


Financial Empowerment. In today’s world, it is not enough to be financially literate. We believe individuals must be aware of, take advantage of, and maintain multiple streams of wealth. Our goal is to educate program participants of the competitive advantages that come with understanding credit, real estate, sustainable income, and investment. By empowering our participants to become financially liberated, we are aiming to shift the stigmas that once plagued underserved populations. 


Exposure to the Creative and Performing Arts. By providing direct access to training and education around creative and performing arts, we are preparing participants to attract and seek out careers and lifestyle opportunities in fields that align with their passion and natural calling. 


Leadership Development. Leaders are not merely born. They are called into command, after challenges or lived experiences groom them to take ownership of their ability to guide others. Our leadership development series offers insight into the learned lessons of leaders from around the globe. Through training and educational opportunities, our participants receive the guidance and comfort they need to become self-advocates, and change the lives of others while leading. 


CommUNITY. Communities are more than a subset of individuals in a shared geographical setting. At PRK, we challenge ourselves and our partners to challenge systems of oppression, create a cohesive network of individuals sharing resources, and resolve the difficulties that disproportionately affect our people. 


Advancement of Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health. For too long, the mental, spiritual and physical health of our communities has taken the backburner of priorities. Stable, thriving communities only exist when the mind and bodies of our bodies are performing in their best state. Our vision is more streamlined access to resources and education, and less unfavorable stats around our health and longevity.


PoorRichKidzz is committed to propelling individuals into their maximum potential through creative arts and personal development, while creating a cohesive society that embraces art and advocacy to achieve community elevation. 


Board members are the fiduciaries who steer the organization towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal government policies, as well as making sure we have the resources to advance its mission.

Board Members

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Demetria A. McNeil

President & Founder – From Charleston, SC – Dance, Choreography, Modeling, Pageantry, Entrepreneur

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Zarriya ``Zee`` Perdue

Vice President – From Columbia, SC – dance, choreography, modeling

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Kahmiyah Jana’y Alexander

Secretary – From Charleston, SC- Dancer, Choreographer, Model

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Kenya Malaysia Bracey

Treasurer  From Sumter, SC – Business Accountant

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